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Super Kids to Superheroes Initiative

Super Kids to Superheroes empowers children battling life-threatening illnesses by transforming them into superheroes. The children are transformed from sick kids to strong and heroic characters, showing how truly tough they are. All it takes is a special personalized masterpiece, just for them.

Cancer Superhero

For many kids, seeing themselves as superheroes is one of the best ways to feel empowered. Who doesn’t feel unbeatable when wearing a superhero cape, embodying the presence and style of those crime-fighters we all know and love? Unfortunately, not all obstacles in life are “bad guys” we can beat with superpowers, but that doesn’t mean they are easier to fight.

We know that children battling life-threatening illnesses already have real superhuman strength to face hardships and they also have the determination to overcome it. But sometimes it can be difficult for the children themselves to see their inner power and resilience.

That is why we decided to create personalized masterpieces based on these children and re-imagine them as superhero characters! We provide a special masterpiece to the children and their families, creating special memories and inspiration for the future.

These go far beyond art of kid superheroes - we want them to be a celebration of the bravery, determination and positivity of children with life-threatening conditions and remind them they are much more than just “sick kids”!

Our goal is to put our skills at the disposal of these children and capture their imagination, as well as that of their families. Most parents of children with illnesses and disabilities know how heroic they are - we are simply putting it out there for everyone to see and admire, one superhero at a time.

Super Kids to Superheroes is one example of how art can be used for social impact. Each masterpiece sold by ImpaktArtist benefits a cause that carries a similarly unique story and purpose, to seize the power of art for the benefit of those around us in the most vulnerable and difficult situations. 

Support our mission and check out our gallery and collections - any masterpiece you purchase will directly benefit projects such as Super Kids to Superheroes. 

Featured Superhero & Nationwide Patient Champion

Gianni’s journey at Nationwide Children’s Hospital began in 2017 when he was referred to Gastroenterology (GI) for chronic constipation. After eight months, he was sent to another specialist within GI and was put on the path to a diagnosis. After evaluating Gianni, his physician submitted a therapy referral.

Gianni’s family learned that he had low muscle tone, an abnormal gait and gross motor delay. He began physical therapy and was referred to the Neuromuscular and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic. An electromyography and nerve conduction test showed abnormal results and a genetic blood test was ordered. Gianni was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) two days after his third birthday.

Although he has met all milestones on time, Gianni has always had trouble with stairs. He falls frequently and has a hard time walking long distances. He wears SMO’s (ankle braces) to give him stability and assistance. Gianni continues to receive treatment at Nationwide Children’s and works hard in therapy every week.

When asked what Nationwide Children’s Hospital means to Gianni’s family, his mother, Natalie, says, “Nationwide Children’s means everything to our family! Our baby boy’s diagnosis was the darkest and scariest time in our lives. We were devastated, heartbroken and terrified of what the future would look like for our sweet boy. Our team within the SMA Clinic and amazing physical therapist carried us through the weeks and months following diagnosis. This world-renowned hospital and neuromuscular clinic, along with the Abigail Wexner Research Institute and doctors and researchers who have dedicated their lives to curing neuromuscular diseases, give us so much hope. Words really can’t describe what that truly means to us. We feel so blessed to live in Columbus and have Nationwide Children’s as our medical home.”

Gianni loves superheroes and cars! Hockey is his favorite sport, especially the Columbus Blue Jackets and The Mighty Ducks. His big brother, Vito is his best buddy. He loves playing with his brother and cousins. He is a fan of all things Disney and it is his favorite place in the world!

Please support: GianniStrong.com & NationwideChildrens.org